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Trial unit forming and bending

New trial unit for "Technology in Trial" metal technology

New trial unit for "Technology in Trial" metal technology Traditionally, P/O/WEBER bases its design, concept and development on the worksheets of the Association for the Advancement of Practical Knowledge e.V.

The trial units are often developed together with teachers from vocational schools, so that the devices and tools guarantee a high practical relevance for the vocational theory lessons in the workshop.

The trial unit forming and bending serves, amongst others, to determine the influence of the bending radius on the bending force, the springback and bending length. Furthermore, the influence of the material on the bending process can be determined. Crack formation in the bending zone can be examined more closely.

All trial units can of course also be used and expanded for individual experiments and experimental designs.

The worksheets B1-18 and B1-19 can be found under the category field of action 1 "Production of workpieces" in the course sheets of "Verlag Handwerk und Technik GmbH"

Technology in trial - metal technology 1, basic elementary courses student worksheets for learning field related teaching in the workshop or laboratory. 6th edition