The 4-column electrohydraulic KIP lab presses are suitable for both cold isostatic pressing (KIP) and press trials with uniaxial pressing tools. For uniaxial pressing simply remove the ram and the press chamber from the press. The lab presses are therefore universally implementable and are suitable for a very wide range of trials and applications.

KIP lab presses allow substances to be pressed uniformly in all spatial axes simultaneously and are used both for the production of complex and simple compacts in econimical isostatic elastomer moulds. Different shapes and materials can be pressed simultaneously with several thousand bar in a hydraulic high-pressure tool, the so-called pressing chamber.

The homogeneous density of the cold isostatic compacts reduces internal stresses and thus, avoids cracks or layer formation. Greater green strength after pressing additionally offers good handling and processing options.

In cold isostatic pressing, the substances are filled in elastomer moulds and put in a liquid-filled press chamber. The press chamber is fixed on the workbench of the lab press and driven from below onto the die ram until the preselected press force is reached. The respective KIP model serves as a pressure intensifier, i.e. the system pressure of the hydraulic cylinder can be intensified at a constant ram force into a larger pressure in the press chamber.

Decisive for this increase in pressure is the ratio of hydraulic cylinder piston surface to the surface of the press chamber bore. Different press chambers are available for each KIP-E series model, so that flexible reactions to different pressures and dimensions of the substance to be pressed are possible.

All press parameters can be set comfortably and very easily and the automatic operation of the pressing operations also allows continuous operation for larger quantities.


The KIP-E series electrohydraulic 4-column lab presses can be used universally as KIP and uniaxial presses. The series is very flexible and equipped with the latest easy-to-use control technology and pressure sensors.

The 4-column construction is very robust and long-living. The press frame is built on a sturdy undercarriage and completely surrounded by a steel plate guard. The high-quality, double-acting hydraulic cylinder is installed on the base plate of the press and moves the workbench with press chamber upwards.

The electrohydraulic supply station consists of electrical switchgear cabinet with control unit and hydraulic unit with valve assembly. All pneumatic components are housed compactly and safely in metal housing.

The programme is started by pressing the start button on the lab press electrical switchgear cabinet. Press sequences and press parameters can be preset. To evaluate the test data, the connection of a PC with evaluation software can be made via an Ethernet interface.

During entering of the press chamber in the ram, the base of the hydraulic tool, the so-called pressing chamber, is pneumatically pressurised. The press chamber is thus minimally raised from the workbench and centered very accurately with the die ram.

The scope of supply for the KIP lab presses includes 10 seals for the die ram and 20 litres of special high pressure fluid for the hydraulic high pressure tool.

The KIP-E series can be individually adapted to many user requirements and equipped with many add-on components.


  • Easy to use and simple control
  • Simple, space-saving and uncomplicated construction
  • Made completely of the highest quality components
  • Solid and proven construction for long service life
  • Robust, long-life press frame
  • Hard chrome-plated, inductively hardened press columns
  • Digital press force display on the controller with peak value memory
  • Press force converted into press chamber internal pressure (kbar / MPa)
  • Sheet metal safety guard with switch
  • Individually adaptable to many user requirements
  • Special versions with extensive options available

Options / Accessories

  • Infinitely adjustable pressure increase
  • Valve slower pressure reduction
  • Proportional valve technology
  • Displacement measuring system
  • Trial/evaluation software
  • Press chambers for different pressures and compact dimensions


Type   KIP 100 E KIP 200 E KIP 200 ES KIP 300 E KIP 500 E
Ram force max. [kN] 1.000 2.000 2.000 3.000 5.000
Piston stroke max. [mm] 200 200 250 250 250
Working height min.-max. [mm] 400 – 600 400 – 600 570 – 820 570 – 820 580 – 830
<b>Passage between the columns</b>            
from the front [mm] 400 400 400 410 520
from the side [mm] 180 270 270 340 390
Piston retraction   hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Height approx. [mm] 1.720 1.814 2.029 2.127 2.350
Space required approx. [kg] 702 x 704 814 x 823 884 x 823 959 x 873 1.202x 1.043
Weight (incl. press chamber) approx. [mm] 1.250 1.680 2.100 2.756 5.600
Height of switchgear cabinet / EHV approx. [mm] 1.707 1.707 1.707 1.707 1.707
Required space switchgear cabinet / EHV approx. [mm] 626 x 978 626 x 978 626 x 978 626 x 978 626 x 978
Weight switchgear cabinet / EHV approx. [kg] 250 250 250 250 250
Hydraulic unit 2-stage   X X X X X

High pressure hydraulic tools for KIP-E

Type   PK1 PK1 PK2 PK2 PK3
Bore-Ø / Internal pressure max.            
Ø 40 mm [kbar] 7,961
Ø 50 mm [kbar] 5,094
Ø 60 mm [kbar] 3,537 7,074 7,074
Ø 70 mm [kbar] 2,598 5,197 5,197 7,796
Ø 80 mm [kbar] 1,989 3,979 3,979 5,968
Ø 90 mm [kbar] 3,144 3,144 4,716 7,860
Ø 110 mm [kbar] 2,105 3,157 5,261
Ø 120 mm [kbar] 1,768 2,652 4,421
Ø 160 mm [kbar] 2,486
Drill depth approx. [mm] 260 260 400 400 400
Usable drilling depth approx. [mm] 160 – 180 160 – 180 250 – 300 250 – 300 250 – 300
Tool outer diameter-Ø [mm] 225 225 300 300 490
Tool height [mm] 310 310 500 500 500

x  standard       + available optionally       Electrohydraulic supply station (EHV)       Options and optional equipment can change dimensions and weights!


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